829 Seabury - Move In Checklist

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Things to do before mid-May 2017 move in.

Family room floor, pre-buy. Carpets to be replaced with travertine tile.
Kitchen floor to be replaced with travertine tile.


  • Replace kitchen linoleum with tile. Also replacing laundry room and bonus room laminate with the same tile. (Pic below, comes from Pacifica travertine - Ivoria Premium line.)
  • Replace carpet in family room with matching hardwood the same travertine tile we're using for the kitchen. While we're at it, now the foyer tile will be replaced to match this new stone tile. This will make the house 100% matching hardwood floors for non kitchen/bathrooms a combination of the hardwood and the new tile.
    • Joe Ferrante is heading up this work. Demo to begin on May 5, and installation the following week.
Pacifica Ivoria Vein cut 12x24 travertine tile

Inspection Checklist Items

829 Seabury - HomeGuard Inspection List - from report: Home Inspection April 2017

Backyard canopy. Looks great. Just going to check we're at 100%.


  • [INQUIRY] Replace external locks
  • [DONE] Wifi / Cable Hardware
  • [PICKUP AFTER MOVE] Garage shelving, something like Husky 90x90 or Whalen Rack
  • [LATER] Reinforce back vine canopy? Not sure if needed, but while we're in there...
  • Appliances
    • Washer/Dryer
    • Refrigerator
  • Wire house for ethernet. Worth doing anything now while we're rooting around?


  • [SCHEDULED] Comcast 2017-05-06 8am service cutover and onsite tech to make sure we have proper line to the junction box
  • [DONE] Water
  • [DONE] PG&E
  • [INQUIRY] Garbage
  • [DONE] Mail change of address for 2017-05-06

The Actual Move

  • [CONFIRMED] Moving service - My Dad's Moving, for 2017-05-07
  • [CONFIRMED] Walk through of old place 2017-05-10