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829 Seabury - HomeGuard Inspection List

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List of things to accomplish at 829 Seabury before moving in, or just after moving in:



Priority Status Who Description
Low Joe? The pet door within the garage passage door is a breech in the fire separation between the garage and the living area. The opening is near the floor and may not significantly increase the risk of fire spreading. However, we recommend replacement of the passage door.
Medium The base of the support post(s) for the deck/porch cover or overhang are water damaged. We recommend the advice and services of licensed contractor and/or structural pest control company.
Medium Water damage was observed to the exterior trim at the front. We recommend the services of a licensed general contractor and/or structural pest control company.
Low Damage was observed in the planter shelf. We recommend the advice and services of the appropriate trades regarding repairs to this area.
Medium Damaged or cracked trim was noted at the right exterior We recommend the trim be repaired or replaced.
Medium The patio cover is not adequately braced and is wobbly when pushed from side to side. We recommend the patio cover be strengthened to resist lateral movement.
Medium The fence is in satisfactory condition, however one or more of the fence posts are loose. We recommend all loose, damaged or deteriorated post be reinforced or replaced as necessary.