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This is the personal web space for Drew Streib. I'm trying to do a bit more documentation of things in general, and this is my place to do it. I'm married to Mayoko Streib, and work as Director of Systems Engineering at Digital Guardian.

I live in Mountain View, CA, and am currently looking for a house in San Jose and expect to move by May 2017.


Technical Documentation

  • alt.org Servers - nethack.alt.org (NAO) and nethackwiki.com are run from here, among other things
  • pi1 - Video surveillance spool for ONVIF camera at 510 Tyrella. Going to be left with the house when I move.
  • zare NAS Servers - storage servers for video at Cathedral Of Faith, totaling ~130TB as of April 2017, with ~48TB incoming in May 2017

Historical / Events


Always need this section.